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luxury wrap

Luxury Wrap for Men & Women
Pamber Them - Soft and Elegant
All Natural Heating Pads
$26.95 $21.95 - Buy Now!

shoulder wrap

Shoulder and Neck Wrap
Stunningly Bright Colors
Made in the USA

$28.50 - $29.50 - Buy Now!

back wrap

Large Back Wrap
OOOOH Nice and Warm
$34.50 - More Info>>

smaller vest

Large Warming Vest
Live Luxuriously Now!

$56.95 - More Info>>

blue back wrap

Large Back & Neck Warmer
Healing Soothing Heat

$96.99 - More Info..

warming booties

Warming Booties for Men and Women
Who Likes Warm Feet? Everyone!

$34.25 - More Info>>

mauve neck pack

Cozy Soft Neck Wrap
Pamper Your Family and Friends

$18.95 - More Info>>

warming scarf

Soft Warming Scarf
Spoil Your Friends with Luxury

$29.50 - More Info>>












Slate Blue


For our customers who prefer all natural aromatherapy without any scent, we offer Unscented Wraps.
We pack each wrap with flax, wheat and other natural grains to provide a "scent free" aromatherapy experience.

We ship our herbal heat packs to the Continental USA via the United States Post Office.
Next or Same Day Shipping Most of the Time!

We sell beautiful herbal aromatherapy heat pads and packs in most shapes and sizes, and some are unscented! Choose from stunningly bright colors and 2 heavenly fabrics. We make them in silky satin and sturdy cotton. Blue, purple, slate blue, navy, black, chocolate, tan, olive and other greens. They make the perfect birthday gift for men or women! Pamper your family and friends. Efective for stress and pain relief.
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You will love our soothing heat wraps! Our reasonably priced microwaveable heating pads for neck or shoulders are the absolute best.

We never use cheap rice or other grain fillers in our herbal heat packs. Our made in the USA heat packs are made with high quality flax seeds. We found that flax seeds do not develop a burnt smell, and they hold the heat much longer than rice or other grains.
 neck wrap

Browse through our Herbal Heat Pad Store. We are sure you will find a gift of health that is perfect for you, along with some great healthy gifts for all your friends at birthday and holiday time.

Made in the USAOur shoulder wraps, large heat packs for the back, herbal hot pads and heating wraps and heat pads are made with love in the USA.
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Herbal heat packs heating pads and wraps for the microwave.

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