Aromatherapy Herbal Wraps for Back Pain

heat pack for lower and upper  back

Back Wrap
16" x 24" x .5
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Back Wrap Moist Heat Pack

The perfect gift for a man or woman!

One of our large heat packs is perfect for removing stress, tension, body pain, rigidity or pulling. Filled with 8 fresh, healing herbs and natural grains, this large back wrap covers from your shoulders down to your lower back.

Large Herbal wrap for the back, but not our largest! Comes in several bright colors.

Our microwavable herbal wrap can be used warmed up in the microwave or from the freezer. This extra large back wrap is designed to be large enough to cover your entire back. Also, see our large heat pack vest. This large body heat is also American made! It is also perfect to wrap around any other body parts.

Made using all- natural herbals, seeds and grain, it has long lasting, penetrating warmth. Spritz for moist heat after heating for about 80 seconds. This large back heat pack is made in the USA, and you can use your credit card, or send us a check. Made in the USA! Be sure to compare our prices to other online stores for the same pack.

The comfort and pain relief are FREE!
We have several lovely colors to choose from.

Heat pack for lower back

Lower Back Heat Pack
12" x 14" x .5

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Lots of color choices


Lower Back Fragrant Wrap

The Lower Back aromatherapy wrap is just right for small to medium - size areas.

Microwave for instant heat therapy or chill for instant cold therapy. Spritz lightly for a moist heating pad for the back. Veg out, rejuvenate and restore yourself!

Our Lower back Wrap is made in the same way as the larger back wrap on this page. Just do NOT use a conventional oven to warm any of our heat packs.

large neck and back heat pack

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Neck and Back Full Body Wrap

16" x 24" x .5
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Additional choices for you

Neck and Back Wrap - Extra Large Awsome Heat Pack - Click on the Photo

Perfect for the loved one that is hard to buy for!
The Neck & Back Wrap covers your body from the top of your neck, over your shoulders and down to your lower back. We've taken our classic Back Wrap added a tall collar, wider shoulders and extra herb compartments to give you the most comfort possible. This heat pack is made in the USA. It is the PERFECT gift!

Filled with flax seeds in as many as 10 chambers, the filling stays put when you move around. Just microwave for a minute or so to enjoy the warm moist heat. Or freeze it for an hour or more, to use it as a cold pack. Filled with 12 healing herbs for aromatherapy, and plenty of all - natural grains.

Size: (inches): 16 x 24 x .5 - Available in BRILLIANT colors! Stock up for the Holidays now!

Neck / Back Wrap Combo