Bed Buddy Hot Pack Cotton Covers

Bed Buddy Covers



The Original Bed Buddy Cotton Covers

Prolong the life of your Bed Buddy heat pack by purchasing a special soft cover with elastic on both ends. Fits over the Bed Buddy heat pack. Covers are made in the USA.
Easy to get on and off!

Keep your Original Bed Buddy microwave heat pack spotless and make it last much longer with one of our home made washable covers. The cover is created with a cotton or flannel type of material. The elastic on both ends tightens, so the handles are not covered.
This cover keeps your pack clean, fresh and free from body oils.
Please put the cover on the bed buddy microwave heat pack after the heat pack is warmed.

Measures: 5 1/2" x 20".
Wash your cotton cover in cold water and place the cover over your Buddy heat pack after the heat pack is hot. These covers fit ALL styles of bed buddies with the blue handles on each end.

Covers are made in the USA! Available in a stripped cotton fabric.

If you order 4 or 5 bed buddies, shipping is only $9.00! Orders will be sent out within 48 hours..
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