Aromatherapy is a True Gift of Health

The Best Essential Oils To Use For Relaxation And Relieving Stress In Your Muscles You can use essential oils as a way to promote healing, relieve stress and offer a true feeling of overall well-being. Essential oils are well known for the incredible effects that they can have on the way that you feel, as well as your health.

The next time that you need to relax, you can look to the help of some of the top essential oils to really bring the experience to a whole new level.

These are the top five essential oils that should always be used with some type of carrier oil as a base to relax and soothe.

Lavender Essential Oil - This is an essential oil that is very popular, due in large part to the sweet and fresh aroma that works to create a soothing and calm atmosphere. Also known as one of the more versatile essential oils, lavender has a number of benefits when you use it for relaxation purposes. Lavender can help with relaxation, it boosts stamina and energy levels and it can help the body to adapt to stressors. There are even people who like to use lavender essential oil for a massage prior to bedtime to help them get a better night of sleep.

Geranium Essential Oil - Made from the geranium flower, this is an essential oil that is great for relaxation, as well as, the uplifting impact that it can have on the senses. The light, flowery fragrance lends to a pleasant experience and the antioxidants of the flower itself make it good for the skin. Because of this, many spas like to use geranium essential oil for a variety of skin therapies. Geranium has been known to be used in traditional medicine for improved circulation, revitalizing body tissues and boosting the function of the nervous system. For a massage, this particular essential oil is very beneficial for relieving stress in the muscles.

Frankincense - Known as a precious essential oil, frankincense is often used to soothe coughs, deepen breathing to help with meditation and to allow for incredible relaxation. When applied during a massage, frankincense essential oil has proven to be beneficial as an antidepressant, as well as, an anti-inflammatory. Not only does this essential oil work well on its own, but you can also blend it with other oils, such as lavender.

Coriander Essential Oil - With a sweet and warm aroma, coriander essential oil is just right for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Coming from the cilantro plant, this is also an oil that can help with fostering a healthy digestive system, improving the circulatory system and promoting a healthy pancreas.

Angelica Essential Oil - Often referred to as the oil of angels, this is an essential oil that is known for creating a soothing environment with calming properties for the nerves. Not only can you use angelica essential oil to help promote happiness, but it has also be proven to be beneficial for bringing on a night filled with quality sleep, especially if you have been suffering from insomnia. Throughout time, many medical practitioners have used angelica essential oil as a stimulant, expectorant and a great digestive tonic. Today, many people use angelica for relieving pain and cutting back on stress, anxiety and other disorders having to do with mental well-being.

With the right blend, you will be able to enjoy soothing, relaxation and many other health benefits. You can use these oils are part of your nightly ritual to soothe muscles and put you into a state of deeper relaxation. These oils can be used with a diffuser but if you add any type of essential oil onto the skin, be sure that you use a carrier oil, such as, olive oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil to dilute it.

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