The Benefits of Using Heat Packs for Pain

The reason heat is so effective in this area of the body is that, once applied correctly, it immediately begins dilating the blood around the lumbar spine. This allows more oxygen to get through to the muscles, thus speeding up their repair. As well as increasing the speed of recovery, heat soothes the short term pain of the injury as the amplified stimulus of the sensory receptors allows the body to slow down its pain signals. Applying heat to the area also keeps your back flexible. Your muscles and other soft tissue become more stretchable under heat as it prevents stiffness, making exercise less of a strain and seriously decreasing the chances of injury.

Herbal Heat Packs to the Rescue

The best devices for moist heat therapy currently available at Herbal Heat Packs. These tailor made heat therapy products are perfect for injuries to the neck, shoulder or back and provide upwards of 45 minutes of consistent heat. Preparing the pack is simply a matter of heating it in the microwave. Then you apply them to the ache, sit back and relax, letting the moist heat penetrate the skin and unknot the pain. Each pack comes with its own relaxing aroma to allow you to completely unwind into the heat therapy.

Unlike many more traditional heat therapies, like saunas or hot tubs, an herbal heat pack is easily portable, takes a minimum of preparation while giving a maximum of pleasure. Whether you are at home, at work or even in the car, it is no problem to apply the pack when you feel pain flare up. Also, unlike the dry heat provided by electric heat pads, our herbal heat pads and packs won't dehydrate your skin making for a much more relaxed therapy.

Whether caused as the result of injury or medical condition, lower back pain can be a seriously incapacitating affliction. Treatment is vital and choosing the right treatment can make all the difference to your recovery. If you are looking for a more natural route back to health instead of the long list of painkillers from your doctor or licensed online pharmacy, you might well consider heat pack therapy from the ESG Heat Pack Store.

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