Herbal Heat Packs and Heating Pads for Necks

Neck Pads Made with Cotton or Satin Fabric

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Microwaveable Herbal
Neck Wraps are
Cotton or Satin
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All Natural Heat Pads for the Neck
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Neck pain is very common therefore prevention and treatment can be very helpful. Most neck pain is caused by activities that strain the neck. Slouching, painting a ceiling, or sleeping with your neck sideways are some things that can cause neck pain and need of a heated wrap. Neck strain, a sprain, or a spasm of the neck muscles are the conditions that our natural heating pads treat.

These herbal neck heat packs for the microwave are very fragrant and the heat lasts for 30-45 minutes.
Comes in scented or unscented. Soothe your neck with the finest neck wrap! Call us if you want a special color or fabric. 727-393-2226.

This flax seed and 100% natural herbs heating pack for the neck is used as hot or cold therapy. The heat lasts for 45 minutes, or put in the freezer for cold therapy. The U shape design fits around the neck so it makes the perfect upper body heat pad and it stays in place nicely. It is so flexible that it contours to any part of the body.

Heat is a great method to ease neck muscle soreness. We recommend using our herbal microwavable heat packs for 15 minutes prior to doing neck exercises to warm up the muscles for flexibility. Another good way to use warmth on the neck is in conjunction with self massage to specific areas of neck muscles - trigger point therapy. Massage and heat therapy for pain is a great combination.

Made in the USA

Spray lightly with water when heating in the microwave for moist penetrating heat.
We use an Exclusive 100% Natural 12 Herb Blend and Organic Flax Seeds. Comes in scented OR Unscented.

What a soothing, warm and relaxing aromatherapy neck heat pack! Stock up now! Made in the USA!

These all natural reusable heat pads, can also be used to relieve pain due to sport injuries, reduce swelling and promote muscle relaxation. The Basic Herbal Pack is filled with our blend of 100% natural herbs, which provides uplifting and soothing aroma in addition to the benefits of a regular hot and cold pack. The aroma from the herbs can help relieve tension and stress and promote overall relaxation. VisaUse in the microwave, not in the oven!
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Cozy Microwave Neck Pack Soft and Fuzzy
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Sizes are: (IN): 13 X 12 X .5


Cozy Heat Pack for the Neck

The Cozy Neck Heat Pad is perfect for relieving stress, tension, muscle pain, stiffness or cramping. The curved wrap surrounds your neck providing extra comfort. Holds the heat for about 45 minutes and it is reusable and used in the microwave.

Made in the USA

Hot or cold, the Herbal Concepts Cozy Neck Wrap can help you relax, and reduce pain. Another great product made from 100% all natural herbs, flax seeds & grains. This flax seeds (not rice) neck wrap contours to body and stays in place while walking standing or sitting. Very very soft!

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